Клубный Чемпионат Мира по Алтимату

3-10 июля 2010
г. Прага, Чехия

Сайт турнира:  http://www.wucc2010.com

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Dear Ultimate Lovers

Have you ever been to the Czech Republic or Prague? Do you want to come over and have a great time with other people who enjoy the sport? Do you want to be a part of a tournament held right in the middle of Europe? If so, we'd like to invite you to the World Ultimate Club Championship 2010 in Prague.

Where and when

The WUCC 2010 will be held in Prague, between 3 and 10 July.

Prague is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and we’re happy to have the tournament just a stone’s throw from the Prague castle and other monuments. There is so much to be seen all around the city and its surroundings that nobody will be bored even if he or she is not at that moment playing a game, watching a game or taking part in the activities being arranged for you by the WUCC organising team (evening parties, trading night and more). Some useful links will be in the Prague section.

Teams and players

We expect about 100 teams from around the world, meaning about 2000 players.

There will be 4 divisions: – Open, Women, Masters, Mixed.

WFDF allocates each country a number of spots in each division. The final decision on number of teams from each country in each division will be known very soon. It will be up to national associations to decide which teams are allowed to participate from each country in all divisions, following strict instructions from the WFDF. You will find information on this issue on this website as soon as we get it from the WUCC and national associations. This is expected to happen in October. Please check this website regularly for more information.

At the moment, the WFDF is working on the first step of the registration process, and then we will start accepting preliminary rosters, accommodation choices and payment of team fee deposits. Registration is expected to start at the beginning of December.

Team eligibility

The WFDF is now working hard on distributing spots for countries to each division. Each national association will be informed by the WFDF about the number of spots its teams will get in each division. Thereafter the national association will inform us on the teams eligible for each division. Please contact your national association to find out more details. The list of teams given spots for the WUCC 2010 will be published on this website as soon as we get it from national associations and as soon as it is approved by WFDF.

Proposed registration timetable

  • Until 30 September
    WFDF is working on allocating of spots for teams from each country into divisions
  • Until 30 October 2009
    National associations will elect the teams that get spots in the WUCC 2010, with approval by the WFDF (first bid)
  • 1st December 2009
    Opening of registration of teams selected in the first bid – selected teams please start registration
  • 31st January 2010
    Deadline for payment of team fees for teams registered in the first bid
  • 1st February 2010
    Opening of registration for the second bid to fill remaining spots in each division if there are any
  • 31st March 2010
    Deadline for payment of team fees for teams registered in the second bid
  • 1st April 2010
    Final bid if there is a free spot in any division, team fee to be paid immediately after registration
  • 31st May 2010
    Deadline for payment of team and player fee for all teams
  • 15th June 2010
    Final team rosters to be approved by your national association and submitted to WUCC organising committee.


The maximum number of fields shall be 28.

All games will take place at the two main play areas used for the EUCC 2001. They are situated in two areas: Strahov and Vršovice. Strahov is the place where almost all teams will be accommodated, and Vršovice is a newly reconstructed area no more than 20 minutes drive from Strahov. Teams will be transported to Vršovice fields by buses running all day long.

Accommodation and food

Three types of accommodation will be offered:

  • hotel – The most luxurious and expensive option for those who want to have the best comfort
  • Double-bedrooms with en suite bathrooms at the location of Strahov (one of playing fields and the place for most activities) – We expect most teams to choose this option
  • Simple two- or three-bedroom dormitories without en suite bathrooms – Bathrooms located on each floor, the budget option at Strahov.

Player fees will be set according to your choice of accommodations. You will find more information on location and prices together with pictures of rooms and exteriors in the accommodations section soon.

Breakfast will be served at your accommodations. There will be several lunch options at the competition locations. Dinner will be organised at the Strahov area. Three different options will be available, one of which will be vegetarian. We kindly ask vegetarians to apply for vegetarian food when registration opens so that we can arrange enough of that option.

Field staff recruitment

We already have many applications from Czech ultimate players to be staff members. We would like to recruit skilled international staff as well, and we encourage everyone who wants to help during the tournament to contact us. You will find more information in the volunteers section very soon.

We want to assure you that we are ready to host one of the biggest world ultimate events of 2010 and we will be very happy to see you over here.

Ultimately yours,
WUCC 2010 Organising Committee


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