Toms Tourney 2015

1-3 мая 2015
Брюгге, Бельгия


Copyright: Liesbeth Vergaerde

TT15 Registration is closed

Registration is closed since January 10th 2015. You can still register but only to be put on the bottom of the long waiting-list.

Use the contactform if you still want to register your team.


TT15 Teams Open division 1

Open division 1 (24 teams)

CUSB La Fotta (Bologna, ITA)
CUSB Zero51 (Bologna, ITA)
Denmark Open (DNK) 
DK Open Masters (DNK) 
Dutch National Team Open (NLD)
Fire of London (London, GBR)
France Open Masters (FRA) 
Freespeed (Basel, CHE) 
Friselis (Versailles, FRA)
Frühsport 0,2 (Koln, DEU) 
FUJ (Prague, CZE) 
GB U23 Open (GBR) 
Gentle Open (Gent, BEL) 
Iznogood (Paris, FRA) 
Ka-Pow! (London, GBR) 
Mooncatchers (Brussel, BEL) 
Rebel Ultimate (Cork, IRL) 
Russian National Team (RUS) 
Salaspils Wild Things (Salaspils, LVA) 
Sokol (Moskow, RUS) 
Spain Open (ESP) 
Tchac (Pornichet, FRA) 
Vibration Old Stars (Cergy, FRA) 
W.I.P. (BEL)  

Waiting list:

3. Fusion (Edinburgh, GBR)

Other teams on the waiting list in alphabetical order:

Barbastreji (Padova, ITA), Discterics (Girona, ESP), Flump (London, GBR), Manchester Ultimate (Manchester, GBR), Spartans (Gujranwala, PAK)

TT15 Teams Open division 2

Open division 2 (16 teams)

Belgium U23 (BEL)
Blue Arse Flies (Evesham, GBR)
Breizh United (Rennes, FRA)
Diabolic Heaven (Hasselt, BEL)
Disc Devils Twente (Enschede, NLD)
FlyHigh (Lausanne, CHE)
Freezzz Beezzz (Brugge, BEL)
Helgtre (Helchteren, BEL)
Paddy Murphy's Last Stand (Dublin, IRL)
Phoenix (Montrouge, FRA)
PLAY> (Vienna, AUT)
Sun (Creteil, FRA)
Tercio Vieja Guardia (Madrid, ESP)
Ultimate Milano (Milano, ITA)
Ultimate Munster (Munster, DEU)
Zechenkumpel (Duisburg, DEU)

Waiting list:

3. Ars Ludendi (Darmstadt, DEU)

Other teams on the waiting list in alphabetical order:

Ah Ouh PUC (Paris, FRA), Calimero (NL U20) (NLD), Caracals (Wupertal, DEU), Dublin Gravity (Dublin, IRL), Extra Virgin (Andalucia, ESP), Force Elektro (Delft, NLD), Force Middle (Kassel, DEU), Germany U17 Open (DEU), Grut (Amsterdam, NLD), Hardfisch (Hamburg, DEU), Headless Ultimate Zürich (Zurich, CHE), Jetset Propellers (Leuven, BEL), Krakens (Barcelona, ESP), Mamadiators (Tarragona, ESP), Moustix (Lyon, FRA), Raging Bananas (Nantes, FRA), Revolution Air (Paris, FRA), RMD (Rhein-Main, DEU), Sesquidistus (Strasbourg, FRA), Tsunami (Nemours, FRA), Vertigo (Eindhoven, NLD), Vision (Liverpool, GBR), WAF (Wageningen, NLD)


TT15 Teams Ladies division

Ladies division (20 teams)

Aschenpottel (Dortmund, DEU)
Belgian National Team (BEL)
CUSB Shout (Bologna, ITA) 
Danish National Women's Masters (DNK) 
Denmark Ladies (DNK) 
Dutch National Team Women (NLD) 
Équipe de France Féminine (FRA) 
FIN Masters / Welldone (FIN) 
GB U23 Women (GBR) 
GB Women (GBR)
GB Women's Masters (GBR)
German National Team (DEU)
Irish National Team (IRL) 
Mantis (Vienna, AUT) 
MICZ (Cham-Zurich, CHE) 
Selección Española Women (ESP) 
Swiss Women's National Team (CHE) 
Tequila Boom Boom (Rimini, ITA) 
Tilt (Amsterdam, NLD) 
U de Cologne (Koln, DEU)

Waiting list:

2. TBA (Tiel, NLD)
3. Golden Girls (Hamburg, DEU)

Other teams on the waiting list in alphabetical order:

Box (Vienna, AUT), Comix (Milano, ITA), Cougars (Paris, FRA), Crazy Dogs (Stans, CHE), France U20 (FRA), GB Women2 (GBR), Mainzelmädchen (Mainz, DEU), MarGie (Marburg, DEU), Spanish National Women Master Team (ESP), SYC (London, GBR), Ulimate-lis (Lucerne, CHE), Women on fire (national masters) (DEU), France Woman Master (FRA)

Five Ultimate @ TT2015

If you were still in doubt whether you would come to Tom's or not, this might convince you! We are proud to present Five Ultimate as our official merchandising partner. This means: a big store on-site, cool TT-gear, sideline activities with GH, and an huge increase in atmosphere for Tom's Tourney! Hooray!
Still 4 days left for subscription!



TT15 Playersfee

Playersfee is €62 per player.

Included :

  • tournament
  • breakfast on Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • BBQ (regular or vegi) on Friday evening
  • water on the fields
  • playersgift
  • 4 parties

Guestfee is €32 per person. As a guest you’ll get everything a player gets, except the playersgift and the joy to play.

No extra teamfee to be paid.

TT15 Payment

2 deadlines :

  • February 8th : final date to make a payment of €250. Only after making this payment your spot is secure! This amount will be subtracted from the playersfees in your second payment in April. It is NOT a teamfee
  • April 15th : final date for payment of the playersfee and spots at the camp-on-site.

Payment can ONLY be done by banktransfer to this account :

Bank : Belfius, Blankenbergsesteenweg 155, B8000 Brugge
IBAN code : BE41 7755 4780 6410
Swift/BIC code : GKCCBEBB
Owner : Freezzz Beezzz vzw, Bradericplein 5, 8340 Damme

Make sure you pay all the bankcharges, if any.


TT15 Practical info


Breakfast is served at the tent on Friday, Saturday and Sundaymorning from 7.30 AM till 10 AM. Please bring your own plate, cup & knife !

Dinner on Friday

Since most teams decided to join us for the BBQ on Friday evening the last couple of years, we've included this in the playersfee and made the dinner mandatory. You can choose between a delicious BBQ, a vegi alternative with fish or a vegan option without meat or fish


TT15 Party

4 parties @ TT15:

  • Teams arriving on Thursday evening can join us @ the tent and meet up with your friends from the other teams already here
  • After the BBQ on Friday evening you are welcome to stay @ the tent for the circus act
  • After the last games on Saturday we'll offer every team a couple of free bottles of cava @ the tent. Have a drink and a chat
  • Also on Saturday night we host the party @ jeudhuis Comma, our party location from the last couple of years

TT15 Lodging

If you want to sleep at the camp-on-site then you have to make your reservation through us. For every other option you have to make your own reservations and take care of the payment at the hotels or festihut !


TT15 Partners

Get Horizontal


Stad Brugge


Dick D'Alaise

Do you also want to be our partner ? Drop us a line !

TT15 Tournament Formula

We plan to have 3 divisions with a total of 52 teams

Open division 1: very competitive, 24 teams
Open division 2: less competitive, 16 teams
Ladies division: 20 teams

In case we don't have enough teams in one of the three divisions, we might reduce the number of teams in that division and increase the number of teams in another.

This is the system we used last year:

Open division 1 : very competitive, 24 teams

  • Round 1 : 6 groups of 4 teams each, 3 games per team
  • Round 2, top 16 : 4 groups of 4 with the top 2 teams of each group from round 1 + the 4 best teams finishing 3rd, 3 games per team
  • Round 2, bottom 8 : 2 groups of 4 with the last team of each group from round 1 + the other 2 teams finishing 3rd, 3 games per team
  • Round 3 : Quarters, Semis, Finals

Open division 2 : less competitive, 16 teams

  • Round 1 : 4 groups of 4 teams each, 3 games per team
  • Round 2 : 2 groups of 4 with the top 2 teams of each group from round 1, and 2 groups of 4 with the bottom 2 teams, 3 games per team
  • Round 3 : Quarters, Semis, Finals

Ladies division : 14 teams

  • Round 1 : 2 groups of 7 teams each, 6 games per team
  • Round 2 : Top 8 teams : Quarters, Semis, Finals
  • Round 2 : Bottom 6 teams : group of 6, 3 games each

TT15 Map of Bruges

TT on a bigger map

TT15 Location

The fields where we'll play are called "Schuttershof" or "Gulden Kamer" and are situated in the "Boogschutterslaan" in "Sint-Kruis", the north-east part of Brugge.

This is the location of Tom’s Tourney since 2002. We will play on 11 full-size ultimate fields.

How to get here:

If you come by car, then no doubt you’ll have a gps-system to guide you.

If you come by train then get off at the main railway station of Bruges. Then you’ll have 2 possibilities :

  • take a taxi and give him the address
  • take a bus : you have 4 choices, numbers 6, 10, 11 or 16. Get off at "Sint-Kruis church" and walk approx. 300m to the fields, just follow the signs

Website for the Belgian trains: www.belgianrail.be

Website for the busses in Bruges: www.delijn.be. If you want to check the timing for a bus from the railway station to the fields: calculate the route from BRUGGE / STATIONSPLEIN to BRUGGE / BOOGSCHUTTERSLAAN

TT13 Photos

Photo’s made by Myriam, the official TT13 photographer.
Click here for more !


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