eXtended European Ultimate Championship Finals 2013

26-29 сентября 2013
Бордо, Франция


Дмитрий Стрельчин  25 ноября 2012 в 14:40  

Dear European Ultimate Federation Members

The CSC and the EUF Board are proud to announce that the eXtended European Ultimate Championship Finals 2013 (XEUCF 2013) will take place in Bordeaux (FRA) from September 26th to 29th (4 playing days).
It will be organized by the local team 33Tours in collaboration with the city of Bordelais (Bordeaux district) and the French Flying Disc Federation (FFDF).
The venue offers 14 high quality fields and is easily reachable from Bordeaux Airport and from the Train Station.
Accommodation will vary from budget (camping/bungalows) to extra comfort hotels.

The XEUCF will be played in the divisions:
Open (24 teams)
Women (12 - 16 teams)
Mixed (12 - 16 teams)
Master (8 - 12 teams)
The CSC is still working on the definition of the exact number of the divisions and on the qualification procedures for the mixed and master one.
It is already fix that for the Open and Women division there is no change in the usual EUCS system: the best teams of the EUCRs will advance to the Final.
The Regional Series Committees (RSC) will open the call for bids for the EUCRs in the next days. EUCRs are supposed to be in August.

Each team entering the European Ultimate Championship Series in any division (Open, Women, Mixed or Master) must submit its roster at the beginning of the season. No player is allowed to be rostered by more teams, also in different divisions. This means that players will have to decide at the beginning of the EUCS season if they will play e.g. Open/Women or Mixed.
As usual, all players of teams that do not qualify to the next EUCS stage will lose their rosters and can be added to another team in any division, where they are eligible, according to the limits defined in the EUCS eligibility rules.

more information will follow on http://www.ultimatefederation.eu

Looking forward to a great EUCS Season 2013

For the CSC and the EUF Board



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