2015 World Under 23 Ultimate Championships

12-18 июля 2015
Лондон, Великобритания

Дмитрий Стрельчин  28 октября 2014 в 20:09  

The WU23 will be held from 12 to 18 July 2015 and be hosted by UK Ultimate acting as the Tournament Organizing Committee (TOC).
Responsible for the organization will be UKU CEO Simon Hill, who formerly served as WFDF’s Ultimate Committee chair. The event will be staged at the University College London (UCL) Sports Ground, in St Albans just north of London.
The last WU23 was held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which hosted 36 teams from 17 nations in 3 divisions: Open, Women’s, and Mixed. Over 900 athletes, coaches, and managers had visited Toronto for the Championships. These three divisions will be competing in London in 2015 again.


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