World Junior Ultimate Championships 2012

12-18 августа 2012
Дублин, Ирландия

Дмитрий Стрельчин   9 декабря 2011 в 14:32  

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) announced today that it has awarded the 2012 World Junior Ultimate Championships (WJUC) to the Tournament Organising Committee (TOC) headed by Dominick Smyth and authorised by the Irish Flying Disc Association (IFDA).

This bi-annual event will be hosted in the city of Dublin, Ireland, 12 – 18 August 2012. Upon the recommendation of the Ultimate Committee, the WFDF Board of Directors approved the bid from the IFDA during their latest meeting. The last WFDF WJUC event had been held in Heilbronn, Germany, in 2010.

Competitions will be held in two divisions: junior open and junior women’s at the Dublin City University (DCU). During the event the European U17 Championships is expected to be held at the same venue.

Дмитрий Стрельчин   3 февраля 2012 в 21:19  

Hello all,

On behalf of the organising committee here in Dublin, I am pleased to invite you all to the WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships 2012. The event will be held at Dublin City University between August 12th and 18th, 2012.

We will ask teams to officially register and pay the team fee in March but for now, here is the maximum cost information you need to be aware of:

Team fee: ?600
Player fee: ?80
Guest fee: ?40
Meal plan (dinner 12th, breakfast and dinner 13th to 17th, breakfast 18th): ?110

Accommodation* (12th to 17th inclusive):
2 bedroom apartments with shared kitchen and bathroom - ?160 per person.
4 bedroom (en-suite) apartments with shared living room and kitchen - between ?180 and ?205 per person.
4 twin (en-suite) apartments with shared living room and kitchen - ?195 per person.

(Total per player: between ?350 and ?395)

All of us in the organising committee are doing everything we can to bring all of these costs down as much as possible. We are in the midst of a sponsorship drive; are getting more and better quotes from suppliers and service providers; and are talking with anyone and everyone who will listen to find cut price accommodation. We will continue in this vain as long as we can and are confident we will be able to reduce all the above prices for everyone.

In return, all participants will be staying, eating and socialising on DCU campus (max 5 minutes from bed to food, including waiting for the lift). Games will be played on two sites with the main site less than 1km from bedrooms, and the secondary site even closer - right next door to campus and making up 800m of the journey to the main site!

The main site will have an athletes village with chill out lounge, merchandise, local shops and a variety of lunch options. And that's just what we have confirmed already!

We are currently investigating the options of constructing a show pitch with temporary seating, or hiring a stadium for opening ceremony and finals day.

We will be launching our web site (www.wjuc2012.com) in the next few weeks where we will supply all the information we can as it becomes available. In the mean time, everyone is welcome to join us on Facebook.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to get in touch as we will be happy to answer. Thank you all for your time and we look forward to welcoming the best young ultimate players in the world to Dublin this August.

With regards,

Dominick Smyth,

WJUC 2012 Tournament Director

* We have been able to reserve some additional bed spaces at slightly lower prices. We are currently holding these beds for younger players and developing nations. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about this.


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