Paganello 2012

5-9 апреля 2012
Риммини, Италия

info and FAQ

Paganello 22: Zoo Paga
5-9 April 2012
22nd edition


Paganello is an annual, huge frisbee event consisting of two sport competitions:
World Beach Ultimate Cup
World Freestyle Challenge
A rich social scene is also a main ingredient of the event.
Paganello is a BULA tournament.

5-9 April (Thu-Mon) 2012
[Easter is the 8th, welcome party on Thu, first game on Fri, finals on Mon, everything ends on Mon at 18.00]

Rimini Beach, Italy (Beach #34, center of the seaside)
[100km. from Bologna, 200km. from Venice and Florence, 300km. from Milan, 400km. from Rome]
closest airports: Rimini, Forli’, Bologna, Venice, Verona, Milan, Rome

4 divisions: open, women’s, mixed and junior
best Europe teams + top teams from USA and more continents.
teams consist of 5 players (5-on-5 Beach Ultimate)
junior: no gender restriction, players must be born in 1992 or later
mixed: 2 men, 2 women and offence decides the 5th player’s gender

how much
there exists a team fee and a player’s fee.
The team fee is for securing the spot and is 400 Euros for open and mixed teams, 200 Euros for women’s and 100 Euros for juniors (only teams assigned the spot will be asked to pay it, by December 22nd)

The player’s fee will have to be paid by about end of March: last year it was 110 Euros per person (should not rise next year) and includes:
-4 days of top Beach Ultimate at the Mecca of this sport
-4 parties, including the welcome party with free red wine and free spaghetti
-all facilities at the Beach (email, first aid,food&drink point,
merchandising tent, nursery, stands, event area, scorekeepers, daily
newsletter, tournament magazine, etc.)
-daily newsletter + tournament magazine
-1 Paga-gift per player (last year it was a frisbee disc)
-1 video (DVD) of the tournament per team delivered to your home
-shows, concerts and happening on the Beach
-Freestyle International Competition>
-attending the World’s Greatest Party

Other expenses will be food and any other things you would like to get. At the Beach, there will be cheap food and beverage available for players. Close to the fields there is plenty of restaurants, “pizzeria’s”, fast foods, etc. at any kind of price.

We will be offering several accommodation options that can be reserved through us, but cannot guarantee we can accommodate all the players. The package will include 4 nights (Thu-Mon, first games are on Fri., last games on Mon.). More nights can be reserved before/after the tournament. All the hotels reserved through us are at walking distance from the fields. Everything will be managed on a first come, first
served basis.
Reservations for the hotels can be made and fees can be paid through team captain only.

Last year’s cheapest accommodation option that we offered (in a nice hostel) was 20 Euros per night per person (including breakfasts).
That is 80 Euros for the accommodation + the above-mentioned player’s fee (110 Euros) = 190 Euros per person for 4 nights, 4 breakfasts and all listed above.

Paganello is not exactly a cheap tournament, but it is much more than a frisbee tournament: it is an incredible experience, a deep emotionyou will never forget for the rest of your life and the big chance to play teams and meet players from all over the world.
It’s 500 meters of Beach totally full of discs flying in the sky and 1500 frisbee
players from every corner of the planet playing, dancing and getting together.
You will not regret it!!
It’s Paganello!


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