Ironside Camp Kyiv 2012

28 апреля-2 мая 2012
Киев, Украина

Misha Sidorsky (Ironside)
Страница на Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=74900899

Дата и место рождения: 16.08.1986 Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts - USA
Рост: 180 см
Weight: 77 кг
Учился: Northfield Mount Hermon School, Dartmouth College

 Вот, что о нём рассказывают:

Толя Васильев:
"Миша - очень быстрый и резкий защитник. Долго играл в Bodhi. Также по-моему является лидером Харвардской команды. Моррилл не так давно выкладывал с ним видео. Неплохая физика."

Саша Фомин (Рогатый)

"Вроде хорошо объясняет и чуть больше 180 кг в становой ))"



When and why did you start playing ultimate?

I started playing ultimate when I was 9, probably for the same reasons I chose to do most things at that age: my friends were doing it. We started a co-ed middle school team, coached by my friend’s dad, and it went from there.

When did you join Ironside?

I joined Ironside in 2010. Playing for Boston had always been a goal of mine – I discovered ultimate during the DoG years, so Boston became the team in my mind that represented the pinnacle of the sport. I’ve always tried to emulate those players – the earlier guys like Billy Rodrigues and Parinella, then Fortunate and Ziperstein. I joined DoG as a practice player in 2005, played for a few different club teams (Vicious Cycle, Bodhi, PoNY), and was finally selected for Ironside in 2010.

Have you ever played national teams? Tell me more about this experience, please.  

I played on the US Juniors Team at the 2004 World Championships (Finland). This was incredible. At the time, it was my first experience on a team of 20+ exceptional athletes and ultimate players, all working towards a shared goal. It’s hard to describe – but we became a very close team in an incredibly short amount of time. Playing ultimate in Finland was a trip. There’s something decidedly different about international competition. Being able to play and have this shared experience with kids from so many different places – Japan, South Africa, -- actually, our first game was against the Russian boys! – it very much solidified for me how cool Ultimate can be.

What number do you wear? And why? Any other numbers?

#9. It was the first jersey I pulled from the bag after joining Ironside.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement in ultimate?

Introducing Ultimate to my mom. She’s done so much more with the sport than I ever will – in co-founding Ultimate Peace, she’s helping take the game to new places around the world and building friendships across cultural divides.

Tell me about your most memorable tournament. (why?)

I don’t have the very specific, real-time game memory like some of my teammates. For me, what I remember is usually a few standout plays and my general emotions from the game. Here’s my top 2 most memorable tournaments.

  1. College Regionals, 2008. This was, hands down, the happiest I’ve ever been while playing ultimate. This Dartmouth team was a family. Win or lose, we were leaving the field feeling completely accomplished in ourselves and as a team. (and we won).
  2. Club Nationals, 2010. This was the season we went 44-1. Many big wins, one extremely tough loss, and the culmination to my first season with Ironside.


I play defense and cut downfield. I love getting blocks and scoring goals. I love the challenge of being on a defensive line where you need to play gritty high energy defense, then make the mental adjustment to play composed offense after the turn. My speed is probably my greatest strength.

What else do you do (if anything!) apart form playing ultimate?

I love everything winter. I grew up ski racing and now try to spend most of my snow time backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, and hot-chocolating.
I’m an expert Cagger and can often be found cagging about (cag /kᴂg/ verb:  “to productively waste time and/or be distractable from the task at hand… in the best way possible.”).

I currently spend my days in an office. Weird. I work for a start-up technology company, doing data management/analytics for digital advertising. If you use the internet, you’ve probably seen one of our ads.


I’ve coached high school, college, and professional athletes in ultimate, ski racing, and strength and conditioning. My most memorable experience, by far, was participating as a coach with Ultimate Peace (www.ultimatepeace.org) in Israel and Palestine.

What do you know about Ukraine or Russia?

I’ve heard you can buy bear meet on the street. Putin is the most interesting man in the world. And when asked “how are you?” it’s best to reply “not well.” I think I’ll fit in great.


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