EUCR East Division Mixed

24-25 августа 2013
Брно, Чехия

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EUCR East Division Mixed
Date: 2013. August 24-25
Location: Brno
Player fee: 10-15 euro
Team fee: 80-100 euro
Who: Jakub "Gaspacho" Vondra & Lukáš "Maník" Maňák, non-profit organization called Ultimate Frisbee Brno (Velka Morava, Mosquito Attack, ...)

Who we are and what are our experiences?

We are non-profit organization called Ultimate Frisbee Brno. The Ultimate Frisbee Brno is constituted by Velka Morava, Mosquito Attack and other UF teams. Our best achivement in ultimate is attendance of Velka Morava on the WUCC 2010 in MIX category. We would like to organize MIX EUCR-E. Why? Because we have rich experiences with tournament organization mostly on national level. Six years in a row we organize Czech Indoor Championships in OPEN and WOMEN categories. This year there will be more than 30 teams. There are also a few local outdoor tournaments and an amateur ultimate league in Brno which we organized.

Fields and facilities
A sport area is located in northwest part of Velke Bilovice city. The sport area is in an impressing natural environment between elementary school and forest park. The location is ideal because it is located in the center of east region. Also transportation accessibility is very good because there is a highway near the city. There are two grass pitches in the sport area with automatic irrigation system. We can prepare here four ultimate fields. There is also a "Sport Club Fabian". In this club is all facility for the players. There is also small restaurant suitable for refreshment. Drinking water will be available in the club and also on all fields.

Accommodation and food

Teams can use a few possibilities for accommodation. You can sleep in tents around the fields as a base possibility. Another way is to sleep in school gym near the sport area. The city Velke Bilovice is touristic attractive location and there are lots of small pensions. The teams can use it for accommodation in own way. We are going to prepare two breakfasts for all teams and we are going to include broad range of food and drinks included hot and cold drinks, vegetables, bakery products, ham, cheese, fruit, milk etc. You can use our service and have lunch with local school canteen or you can choose any of local pensions. You can find a list of pensions below. We can provide reservation according to your needs.

TF and PF:

TF: 80 – 100 Euro
PF: 10 – 15 Euro


Velke Bilovice is nice small city located on the South Moravia. It is mostly known because of good wine. Except nice environment it's full of vineyard and you can found her a lot of wine cellars. Almost every household contains vineyard and wine cellar. The people in this area are very friendly and you can spent a good times with them tasting wine and talk each other in their wine cellar.
Right the play area is forest park where you can rest in the shadows of trees. Whole city is very pleasant and there are lot of opportunities for short trips. You can never regret it!

Interesting links:
o http://goo.gl/maps/GQSYr
o http://www.geotrips.eu/cs/mapa/obce-mesta/velke-bilovice-vinne-sklepy

o http://www.palkovi.cz/
o http://www.sklepuosicku.cz/sklep-penzion/
o http://www.uhroznu.cz/
o And others


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