European Ultimate Championship Finals 2012

28-30 сентября 2012
Франкфурт, Германия

Дмитрий Стрельчин  26 ноября 2011 в 01:37  

Dear European Ultimate Community

The EUF Central Series Committee is proud to annouce that the EUCF 2012 in the division Open (24 teams) and Women (10 teams) will take place from Sept. 28th to 30th 2012 in Frankfurt (Germany).
This bid had been declared as best among five very interesting ones.

The tournament will be in the same location of the Open+Women German Championship 2011.
The venue offers 8 high quality fields all at one site and the possibility to camp or sleep in a gym directly at the fields. Various accommodations from low-costs up to luxury are in the surroundings.
The Frankfurt Internation Airport is just 15mins away.


The team fee has been set at 470 ? which will be due latest 10 days after the Regional Tournament (EUCR) or not later than Sept. 10th.
Further infomation will be provided in 2012.

The regional Committees are also already working of the definition of the EUCRs, which will be annouced hopefully in short.

get ready for an other intensive EUCS season!

for the CSC

- EUF Chairperson -


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