Финал Клубного Чемпионата Европы 2008

31 октября-2 ноября 2008
Париж, Франция

Final Ranking Open Spirit Avarage
1 Skogshyddan 8,33
2 Fire of London 6,17
3 Ragnarok 9,50
4 Chevron 9,33
5 Clapham 9,86
6 Jack'Suns 7,14
7 Flying Angels 11,57
8 Prag Devils 9,86
9 Freespeed 8,50
10 Helsinki Ultimate 10,88
11 Bad Skids 11,83
12 VIF Ultimate 9,00
13 Feldrenner 8,38
14 Fusion 7,57
15 KFUM 9,75
16 Taskas 9,71
Bad Skids 11,83
Final Ranking Women Spirit Avarage
1 Woodchicas 10,20
2 Iceni 9,40
3 LLL 9,60
4 Hot Beaches 12,40
5 MissColDisco 11,60
6 Primavera 12,00
7 Dogma 5,60
8 Fillelis 7,60
Hot Beaches 12,40


Skogshyddan and Woodchicas are European Club Champion 2008 – Bad Skids and Hot Beaches showed the best Spirit of the Game

The EUCF 2008, which took place in Paris from Oct. 31st to Nov. 2nd, has crowned the European Champions!

Congratulations to 
Skogshyddan (SWE), who defeated Fire of London 13-9 
and to
Woodchicas (D), who won against Icini 14-11

The spirit prize was won by Bad Skids (D) in the Open division with an average of 11,83 (standard is 8) and by Hot Beaches (CZ) with an average of 12,40. 
Congratulation for the great example you set for the whole European Ultimate Community!!

 The schedule and all results are available here.

Generally teams felt that their opponents had an above average Spirit. 
Just 3 teams in the Open division have been 2 points above average out of 7 intensive games, while in the women division most teams have been found playing clearly above average, with even 2 teams touching the 12 points mark!

Unfortunately there have been teams, who were found not completely living on the field the Spirit of the Game as the opponents would have expected.

I do hope that especially these teams can make treasure of this important feed back and actively try to improve their Spirit.

From a tactical point of view, the impression is that the teams with the best defense and fitness reached the higher positions.
While most teams showed a solid offense, but not always error free, Skogs really impressed in various games for the athletics of the defense line, which made the difference at the end.

I would also like to repeat the thanks to the organizers and the whole AOP Teams, who have been able to manage very well such a distributed tournament (up to 6 different venues!), providing the players a lot of very appreciated services, like the lunch box directly delivered at the fields, etc. for a very reasonable price.

Thanks also to the teams and to all volunteers, who made the European Ultimate Championship Series 2008 a big success!!


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