Central European League finals

7-8 августа 2010
Czech Republic, Rakvice

Hello all,


We are very happy to announce that our next CEL tournament will take place this summer on the 7th and 8th of August in South Moravia, Czech Republic. We will return to the same location in Rakvice as last year.



We will have TWO football pitches + clubhouse + camping or pension + pub + restaurant + lake(adjacent to the fields) on both Saturday and Sunday in Rakvice. The training pitch from last year is looking much better and we will use it and the main field for our games.




If we suddenly get lots of interested teams we can add another football field + clubhouse in Přítluky (4km away from Rakvice).





You must register your team with us by May 31.

You must pay the team fee by June 17th.


Come Friday night and chat about all those stellar catches and humiliating drops you had at the WUCC and enjoy another tasty Czech beer. There will definitely be dinner and a party Saturday night in Rakvice.


The team and player's fees will be low. Spirit will be high. Exhaustion will be moderate and the sun will be hotter than hell. FUJ will be the hosts so bring your sunblock and most revealing swimwear and please be our cherished guests.


More detailed information about money and tournament format will follow.


Happy Monday!






Nathan Heilmann

Plzeňská 107

Praha 5 - Košíře

150 00 Czech Republic

+420 775 083 849


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