Zaraza 2008

26-27 апреля 2008
Zarasai, Lithuania

Final standings:

2.Lucky Grass
5.Tallinn Frisbee Club
11.Taškas Jr.

Spirit of The Game: Vorai!

more info: http://taskas-ultimate.lt/zrzresults.html

some photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/vytcka66/Zaraza02

Frisbee virus in Zarasai

Ultimate and Disc Golf tournament “Zaraza 2008”

Dier friends,
We are incredibly glad to invite YOU to take part in the Lithuanian Ultimate and Disc golf tournament, that will take place on 26 –27 of ARPIL 2008 in Zarasai, Lithuania!!!!!

General info:

Organizers: Zarasai Ultimate Frisbee club “Taškas”
Place: Zarasai (Lithuania) “Magučių” stadium and Disc Golf course (9 holes)
Dates: 26 - 27 of April 2008
Format: 7 on 7 Outdoor
Divisions: Open, Women,
Player’s fee: this year we decided to enter players fee which will include accommodation and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Player’s fee will depend on your accommodation type as we have few different choices for you. Players fee will vary from 10€ up to 20 €.
Player’s fee for Disc golfers: 10 lt or 5 € per person


Deadline for registration: 11 of APRIL 2008
Please send you applications to arturascadas@gmail.com
In your application we want you to indicate your:

1.Team’s name;
2.City, country;
3.Captain’s name;
4. Full list of players including squad #;
5.Contacts (phone number, e-mail)

Accommodation and food in stadium:

All the required information you will get when registering.


Information about this nearly most important event will be placed later. Keep a lookout for updates. Wink


Artūras Čadas
Phone number: +37060361639
e-mail: arturascadas@gmail.com

Andrius Navickas
Phone number: +37060157747
e-mail: andrnav@yahoo.com

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